Every day in May I am asking my family and friends to pray! My goal is to pray for a husband :) Some of you may think this is silly, but I was inspired by someone I met at church last week. Her daughter had an eye duct problem. It was clogged, it made her face swell, and her eye was always tearing. Her and her husband found out she was going to need surgery, but they weren't thrilled about this idea because the surgery was very invasive and harsh and they really didn't want their 18 month old daughter to be under anesthesia. After hearing this, they decided to pray for 30 days so that their daughter wouldn't have to have this surgery.

On Sunday they reported that toward the end of their 30 days of prayer, their daughter's eye was clog free! It was the first time I had met them all and I can tell you there was nothing to be seen on the little girls face but beauty :) Her duct is no longer clogged, no swelling in her face, and her eye isn't tearing up anymore! Praise God!

So of course, this got me thinking...(If God can do that for a little girl and her family, imagine what God can do in my life!)

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CGBROFMI said...

Hi Cortnee

Just to let you know that I was single after the death of my wife for three years. A friend prayerfully called a wife in for me. Within four weeks we had 'met' on Twitter (!!!!!) and we married 6 months later. Yes its a huge step. Yes it hasn't all been plain sailing. and YES it has been so-o-o-o-o worht it. God is good and His promises (and divine appointments) are sure.

Praying with you.

Chris @cgbrofmi on Twitter

Maegan said...

Served at a beautiful EHarmony wedding last night...just sayin'

survivorJoy said...

I love this idea. I am one day late in this but I would like to commit to pray for your husband and one for me too. Specifically can I pray for a man that has the ability to honor & cherish, a best friend that has your best interest at heart, that desires to protect & provide with God's guidence for you, anything else? Can you pray for me as well?

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